Therapy / Life Counseling

Therapy / Life Counseling
Sometimes we all need a compassionate ear, a sounding board, or a metaphorical ‘good kick in the rear’ to help us see our blind spots and get our lives unstuck. I offer a clear reflection of where you’ve been sabotaging yourself from living the life of your best choices. Let’s have honest conversation about your past, present and future. Then I can help you understand how you got here, what your manageable obstacles are, and how to make lasting changes so you can live YOUR best life. Enough is enough.



Using the power of Neuroplasticity, you can literally change your life. Every time you have a thought, it fires an electrical impulse in the gray matter of your brain, creating a neural pathway. The more frequently you have that thought, the more habituated you become to that pattern. Using hypnotherapy, we will rewire that neural circuitry so that the old habits become just that…. Old habits. You can have new habits, expectations and behaviors with this mind-expanding approach to therapy.   You’ll change your life, by changing your mind!

Meditation / Mindfulness Training

Getting present and going inward allows us to quiet the “monkey mind” and find calm among the rapid-fire chaos of our thoughts. This is not about “clearing your mind.” Pssssht. Good luck with that! This is about getting quiet and getting real with what IS, so that you can hear your own voice and the inner guidence that is sometimes hard to hear above all the noise. 

Archetypal Analysis

Carl Jung, the great psychologist, theorized that each of us has many subpersonalities, which he called “Archetypes”. These might include the Inner Child, Punisher, Saboteur, Victim, Angel, etc. Together we will study your personality, habits and expectations to determine which are your primary archetypes (aka: motivations) and how to use your natural strengths to create the life of your new and improved choices.

Astrological Birth Chart Readings

Astrology is an ancient tool that has been used across the globe for 6000 years. Some people refer to the birth chart as the “blueprint for your life path.” Whether you believe in the predictive ability of astrology or not, it does provide an excellent tool for self-awareness and insights into motivations and behaviors. In reading your birth chart, we’ll do a deep dive into the dozens of aspects of your personality and have a lot of fun getting to know YOU better! 

Hypnosomatic Yoga

We store unresolved emotions in the tissue of our bodies. We “shoulder burdens”. Someone is being a “pain in the neck.” We “bite our tongue.” Something makes us “sick to our stomach” or we alternatively get “butterflies.” Every unprocessed emotion we carry gets stuck somewhere specific in our bodies. Let’s have a look at YOUR chronic physical conditions and ascertain what psycho(mind) somatic (body) patterns you’ve created. These “psychosomatic” issues are not “all in your head.” They’re all in your body. Pain is meant to be a messenger from your body to your mind. It’s time to hear the messages, so the pain can stop repeating itself and go away.

Relationship Strategies

Though no two relationships are identical, we all have patterns, preconceived ideas and expectations. There are also predictable patterns to relationships. There are ways to anticipate and navigate the predictable problems that arise in any relationship. Figuring out that fine line between “having space” and “being unavailable”, and learning to be more clear in the languages that each of you speaks, whether literal or inferential isn’t always easy. Navigating passive/ aggressive/ assertive behaviors and asking for what you REALLY want is a learned skill. I’ll help you understand some of these strategies and offer you tools so that you can have a better relationship with yourself and the people that you love. 

Communications Facilitator
“How do I tell them ____?”   “How can I possibly say ‘No’?” “I want to ask for _____, but I don’t know how.”
Do you sometimes find yourself at a loss for the words (or the timing) to express what you need to say?
Maybe you try and the words come out all wrong. Maybe you’re too nervous to even try. Together we’ll figure out the best way for you to communicate so that you’ll be speaking clearly. We’ll even practice your “script”, so that you can be more confident and practiced at using your words to express your thoughts. Communication is a two-way street. While you can’t control others’ responses, you can do your part more effectively. Yes, you CAN. 
Past-Life Regression Therapy

Our subconscious minds store information symbolically. Using hypnosis, we can explore the deepest realms of our psyche and find the stories (real or imagined) which give us insight into our current perceptions and expectations. Past life regression allows us to explore our personal history, which is always useful in helping us understand our current realities. Whether or not you believe in Reincarnation, exploring the symbolic stories we retell ourselves helps us gain insight into our present day lives and gives us the opportunity to close the chapter on a past story, so we can write a new chapter from a fresh perspective.  

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Therapy Pricing

$175 for 75 minute session. Sliding scale available if needed.

Online sessions available.