“I am a better version of myself when I am in contact with you. I get to be my most authentic self with you. I truly am a better version of me. We speak truthfully together. You make me laugh and you’re fun. You call me on my shit. I discover more about me when I’m talking to you.” – Therapy Client

“Ten days without a headache! I guess this Hypnotherapy works! Thanks!” – Therapy Client

“I’m extremely appreciative of our time over the past year. This could have been the worst year of my life, but instead I feel like I’ve leveled up! It feels so good to be in my energy again and goal setting. I’m feeling healthy and confident. You’ve been so empowering! I’d like to check in with you every so often, if that’s alright with you. Thanks again for your time and your guiding wisdom.” – Therapy Client

“Thank you so much for what you continue to do for my family. You continue to be a strong positive influence on me and my daughters. I don’t know what I would do without you. You are just amazing!” – Therapy Client

“You’ve been there through it all, Teddi. No matter how dark and scary it got during my cancer treatments, you’ve been there like a beacon of light. It’s less scary with someone by your side. I am 100% sure that I recovered faster because of your calm positivity. How can you balance optimism and realism so gracefully?! I absolutely love the hypnotherapy we did to strengthen my immune system. I just can’t thank you enough. There’s no words.” – Therapy Client

“You’re just so easy to talk to. I never feel judged, just inspired and encouraged. I am so much better at being me because I know you!” – Therapy Client

“You are blunt. There’s no BS with you. You have a mature perspective and you’ll tell me the truth, not just what I want to hear. Real. Honest. You remind me to see ME, who I AM, and what I love. It’s funny. Most people are intimidated by me, but not you. You’re a Badass.” – Therapy Client

“You really know how to make me think in new directions. Somehow you merge all of your knowledge about us humans and our psychological triggers. You’ve given me a lot of insights!” – Therapy Client

“I just wanted to message you and thank you for everything. Your advice and encouragement is really helping me today to get through a very challenging day at work. Even after all this time, your words of wisdom are making all the difference for me.” – Therapy Client

“You have made a difference in my life and I just want to thank you for all of your help. You’ve changed my life in so many ways.” – Therapy Client

“You’re like a breath of fresh air. I want you to know that our time together has meant more to me than I could have hoped for. Thank you for helping unleash the artist that was trapped in the crazy labyrinth of me. So much of my greatness, creativity and bravery as become apparent to me through your guidance. I will always be grateful.” – Therapy Client

“I just have to let you know that I now see how right you were all those years ago when we talked about my compulsive competitiveness. You were spot on, as you usually are. You were absolutely correct and I’m happy to have heard it first from you! That conversation has never gone far from my consciousness and I have regularly gone back to it in my mind. After years of contemplating my interactions with you, I have finally realized that my reactions and defensiveness were just an ego trip… my ego holding onto a crumbling façade. Having opened up completely to you, I just had to tell you what a profound positive effect you’ve had in my life! Nothing more. I just had to tell you how right you are/were, and how much I appreciate you. I look forward to continuing to be inspired by your life’s work, your wisdom and your light. You are amazing!” – Therapy Client

“One of the times that you and I were talking, not only did it plant a seed in my head, but you definitely added that good love and nourishment for it to grow. I just officially announced today that I have opened my own business! I am still absolutely terrified and every few days I’m battling imposter syndrome, but I am STOKED! I am SO excited! I remember sharing my idea with you, and you being like, “Well, it sounds like this is what you want.” It sometimes takes another person seeing you from the outside, looking at your life, to see what really matters… So thanks for being that person for me.. for being such a supportive light in my life.” – Therapy Client

“What a wonderful world this would be if everyone were as nice as you. Thank you for everything, Teddi.” – Therapy Client

Retreats/Workshops Testimonials

“Since our Retreat, I’m reflecting on all of the lovely conversations and Teddi’s wisdom, and I’m just living it! I’m really living it!” – Retreat Client

“The big take-away for me was that I took Teddi’s advice and I put a photo of myself as a little girl up on my mirror. Whenever I’m being mean to myself or putting myself down, I think about that little girl and I ask, “Would I say those things to that sweet little girl?” Absolutely not! Then, I won’t say it to myself now!” I’m being much more kind and patient with myself since the Retreat.” – Retreat Client

“Getting to hang out with a bunch of cool women, meeting a bunch of awesome new friends, getting new information and having all of these tools together in one place… It’s amazing! I’ve been journaling a whole lot for the first time in my life. So, thank you!” – Retreat Client

“This should be AT LEAST a yearly thing!” – Retreat Client

“Since our Retreat, I got a visit from an old friend. We’ve known each other for years, but never had a really real conversation. This time, we actually got into a really deep conversation, one that I don’t think I would have been able to have with anybody before the Retreat. I’m feeling more comfortable speaking openly about my experiences and life, and hearing what other people are saying. I’ve learned to listen and be more present. I was even able to relate to some of things she told me, and I offered her some of the tools that you shared with us. She was like, “Whoa! That’s mind-blowing!” Being able to share what I’ve learned from you and actually help people is amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” – Retreat Client